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Uploading Lab Files to Splashback via Excel

This tutorial is for uploading lab data files to Splashback via our Excel add in

Open Governor#

  1. Open Excel, select the Splashback tab in the ribbon

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  2. You should now be able to see Splashback's Excel-based analytics and management tools. Select Governor, the option furthest to the left.

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  3. This should bring up the Governor Task Pane on the right of your Excel window. Log in with your Splashback account, and then select the pool you plan to upload to.

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Prepare Data#

  1. Select Prepare Data in the Governor Task Pane

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  2. At the next Screen there will be two options, File and Spreadsheet. It will default to File, stay on this option. Click Choose a File and select the file you want to import. Now select the format the file is in (which you want to convert it from) in the Choose Format drop down menu, and hit Get Data.

    • caution

      Do not try to open the file directly in Excel, as Excel formatting corrupts some lab outputs

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  3. A sheet on your document will be created named SBK_Import_Data. This sheet will contain the data in your lab file, now parsed into a more Splashback ready format.

    • tip

      Give the parsed data a quick inspection. Check values make sense and compare some values with the original file.

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  4. Generally, lab reports will not have data for all the fields required for upload. This means it will be necessary to manually enter data for these fields.

    • Fields typically missing data are
      • Program
      • Quality (could enter maybe 'Good' or 'NATA')
      • Sampling Method (could enter 'Grab')
      • Lab

There are three main ways of finding what you should enter in those fields

  • Ask someone who is more familiar with the data pool.
  • Look at the existing lookups available for those fields (instructions here).
  • Look at past data in Governor.

Check and Import Data#

  1. Hit the back arrow in the top left of the Governor Task Pane, and then select Import Data, then Check Data. Make sure your active sheet is SBK_Import_Data.

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If there are errors in your data, then some rows will be highlighted red. If you look in the Governor Task Pane, you will be able to see a list of errors. If you click on one of the listed errors, then the row (sample value) corresponding to that error will be highlighted in the sheet.


Some tutorials for resolving import errors can be found in the docs.

Depending on your upload scenario, if your data is ready for upload, a new sheet will be created named SBK_Data_Check, it should look like one of the following.




If your sheet looks correct, then you can hit Commit Data and you're done!