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Analyse over sample variants with Parameter Profiler

Parameter Profiler is a tool which allows you analyse your data over sample variants and across several parameters. This makes it possible to identify and monitor changes in your data over variants. Parameter Profiler allows you to:

  • Generate a Chart of sample values over variants. An example is shown below where the axis have been swapped to more intuitively display sample values over depth, however this is not the default chart. For more information about the types of charts that can be created with Parameter Profiler please see below.

  • Generate a Table containing the queried data.

  1. Open Parameter Profiler, and select the pool you wish to access.


  2. Select the site you wish to analyse samples at.


  3. Next select the samples you wish to analyse data over variants from.


  4. Now you can begin specifying the parameters you would like to view data for. To add further parameters to your chart, click Add Parameter.

    img img img img

  5. After this click, Get Data to generate a chart.

    img img

  6. You may observe that the scale on one parameter is too significantly different and it makes the chart difficult to read. You can add a multiplier to the parameter to make it easier to read.

    img img img

  7. As the variant being analysed over is depth, the chart would be more intuitive if the y axis was the depth measurement

    img img img

  1. To make changes to the chart generated clickChart Presets, after changing the chart settings click the back arrow in the top left corner and then Get Data again to re-generate the chart.

  2. Once you've generated a chart you're happy with, change the name of the sheet its on to something other than SBK_Chart, this will stop it from being closed or altered by the Splashback Excel Add-in. This chart can be further edited using Excel's chart tools.