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Monitor parameters over time with Parameter Summary

Parameter Summary allows you monitor a selection of parameters at a site. With Parameter Summary, for a specified date range and program, you can

  • Generate a Chart as shown below

  • Calculate Summary Statistics from the queried data

  • Generate a Table containing the queried data

  1. Open Parameter Summary and select the Pool you are accessing. We'll be accessing the Splash Valley demo data set which you should have access to, so you can follow along if you wish. img

  2. Next, select the Site you want to monitor parameters at, this will then open a menu where you can Select Parameters you wish to view. When selecting the Site, you can also choose to constrain the samples you'll retrieve by Program or Date.


  3. There are two options for Selecting Parameters, Select All and Select by Variant. Select All is suitable for most applications, and so we'll use that in this example. Select Parameters you wish to monitor, and if relevant for your dataset, the variant labels you wish to view samples for.

    img img

  4. Click Get Data. This should generate two sheets, SBK_Chart and SBK_Summary, which contain the generated chart and the a table of the data contained in the chart.

    img img img

  5. Parameter Summary retrieves sample values, calculates summary statistics, and generates a chart. You can Select Statistics you would like calculated by clicking Select Statistics, and selecting which statistics you would like calculated. After selecting, click the back arrow in the top left of the task pane, to return to the Parameter Summary home page.

    img img img

  6. To change the range of the X axis on the graph the From Date and To Date need to be changed to the desired x axis range, then to update the chart click Get Data.

    img img img

  7. To make additional changes to the chart clickChart Presets, after changing the chart settings click the back arrow and then Get Data again.

  8. Once you have a chart you're happy with, change the name of the sheet its on to something other than SBK_Chart, this will stop it from being closed or altered by the Splashback Excel Add-in. This chart can be further edited using Excel's chart tools.