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Investigate correlation with Compare

With Compare you can graphically evaluate the correlation between two parameters at a site. With Compare you can:

  • Generate a Chart as shown below

  • Generate a Table containing the queried data.

  1. Open Compare, and select the pool you are accessing. In this example we're using the demo pool Splash Valley, which you should also have access to.


  2. Select a site, this should then open a menu for selecting which parameters to compare. Also there should be fields for constraining the data being compared by date or program.

    img img img

  3. click Get Data. This should generate two sheets, SBK_Chart and SBK_Summary, which contain the generated chart and the a table of the data contained in the chart.

    img img img

  4. We include tools for changing the charts generated by our apps. If you scroll to the bottom of the Compare task pane you'll find Chart Presets, click this to edit the chart settings. Then to apply the changes, click the back arrow in the top left and then Get Data again to re-generate the chart.

  5. Once you've generated a chart you're happy with, change the name of the sheet its on to something other than 'SBK_Chart', this will stop it from being closed or altered by the Splashback Excel Add-in. This chart can be further edited using Excel's chart tools.