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Portal is Splashback's tool for viewing and managing permissions. It can be accessed via browser, and with it you can

  • See all your permissions with our visualisation tool.
  • View and manage pools, users and tenants
  • Create and manage API keys

Splashback Portal can be accessed at

Screenshot of home page


  • The first page you'll see when you log into Portal. Links to documentation and a quick snapshot of your resources, that is, how many users, pools and tenants you have access to.


  • Our visualisation tool generates an interactable map of your permissions, use this to gain an intuitive understanding of your permissions.
  • video


  • View all the pools you have access to and your level of access
  • Create new pools


  • View all the users you have access and whether you manage them
  • Create new users


  • View all tenants you have access to and your level of access

API Keys

  • Create, edit and delete API keys.
  • These can be used to access your Splashback data with other software.