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Governor is used for administering data within a pool, but is also a useful tool for gathering detailed information regarding a data pools metadata such as site details.

To change, update and delete data using Governor you need to have at least Governor permissions for the given pool.

Using Governor#

Governor is a powerful tool, and the layout makes it intuitive to use. The following is general description for the buttons on the front page and their function.

Data imports#

The data importing is a key functionality for the Splashback system to save users time. The importing of laboratory, sensor, Excel and text files are managed through efficient procedures.

To learn more about data imports, see the Data Imports page.

Manual data entry#

The manual data entry system is a useful tool for viewing and making minor changes to data if required. Efficiently drill down into your data and view in fine detail and make changes where required.

Sample variant types#

A variant type is typically a parameter that is varied at the time of sampling. It is typically specific for particular data domains. For example a water sampler may measure parameters at different depths, so "Depth" would be the variant type. If a duplicate sample was taken it could be called "Depth Duplicate". Many datasets may not use variant types and could be called "General".

The Splashback team is happy to discuss the use of variants for your data pools, as they can be tricky, but can greatly increase the analytical power when used effectively. Please do not hesitate to call. We also like to hear the different situations Splashback gets used in.


Metadata includes sites, programs, parameters, laboratories, sampling methods and qualities.


Used to view, add, modify and delete the associated metadata required for sample storage.


Lookup the appropriate metadata field for a given name or code when importing data. Lookups give a high level of flexibility, while retaining quality control when importing data.