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Welcome to the Splashback Reference

Splashback is a cloud based system for storing and analysing measurements that change over time. It suits many data collection scenarios. The core focus for Splashback is to provide efficiency with data handling and improve data insight.

Effortless data importing#

Import from laboratory outputs straight to the repository with a unique and effortless import utility Splashback Governor. Import directly from phone and tablet measurements taken field and work areas with Splashup. Import directly from field instruments.

Analyse data efficiently#

Use a variety of analysis packages to effortlessly ascertain trends and relationships between your measurements, observations and laboratory analyses. Use extensive Web-API to integrate measurements into powerful analysis tools, such as R and Python for improve statistical analysis, modelling and machine learning. Publish data to the web or intranet again using the Web-API available.


Data is housed in discrete pools. This enables owners to keep the data aligned with the users of the information and where there is passion for the data being stored. The end result is that datasets grow in value. Splashback tools are available to integrate the data more broadly within organisations and groups and even individual responsibilities.

Data security#

Once uploaded, your data is housed on our secure platform, backed by Microsoft Azure.


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