Excel Add-ins

The primary way of interacting with your Splashback data is with our Excel Add-ins.


  • Governor - Import + manage your data with ease.
  • Compare - Plot parameter vs. parameter for the ability to do more complex comparisons and better understand the interaction between measurements.
  • Data + Site Summary - Plot and summarise parameters for a site or sites to get a temporal overview of your data.
  • Data + Site Profiler - TODO
  • Functions - Build reports to easily publish data regularly without rebuilding from scratch, right in Excel.


Splashback requires Excel on the Web, Excel on Windows (Version 2008 or later) or Excel on Mac (16.40 or later). It also requires a stable internet connection, and a valid Microsoft Office licence.


There are two methods of installing Splashback, depending on your use case.


To install Splashback, first, launch Excel. Then, click the Insert ribbon, followed by the Office Add-ins button.


Next, go to the Store and search for "Splashback". Click Add next to the add-in.



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