Free for the first month#

Splashback is completely free for the first month after registering with us, and import fees are waived for the next two months as well to help migrate your data.

You don't need to do anything to upgrade to Premium - you will automatically roll over at the end of the month. If you decide Splashback isn't for you, please be sure to delete all billable resources in your tenant before the end of the month to avoid being charged.

Premium plan (Pay-as-you-Go)#

Our premium plan is billed monthly based on your usage.

Data imports are the number of records imported per month.

Data storage is the initial number of records. Leave this as 0 if you are starting a new dataset, otherwise enter an estimate for the size of a dataset you will import into Splashback.

Each sample value counts as one record.

ItemQuantityItem Cost (AUD)
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