Analysis + Management Add-ins

The primary way of interacting with your Splashback data is using our add-ins.


  • Governor - Import data from labs, sensors and more, and edit data and metadata with an intuitive interface.
  • Compare - Plot parameter vs. parameter for a site.
  • Series - Plot multiple parameter time series for sites and streams.
  • Parameter + Site Summary - Plot multiple parameters for a single site, or a single parameter over multiple sites.
  • Parameter + Site Profiler - Plot multiple parameters by variant for a sampling event, or a parameter for multiple sites by variant or a site by variant for multiple dates.
  • Functions - Use functions to query Splashback data.


Splashback requires Excel on the Web, Excel on Windows (Version 2008 or later) or Excel on Mac (16.40 or later). It also requires a stable internet connection, and a valid Microsoft Office licence.

Standalone runtime

There is a Standalone add-in runtime coming soon which removes the need for Excel and provides opportunities to circumvent complex organizational deployments.

Send us a message today if this is something you are interested in.


There are two methods of installing Splashback, depending on your use case.


To install Splashback, first, launch Excel. Then, click the Insert ribbon, followed by the Office Add-ins button.


Next, go to the Store and search for "Splashback". Click Add next to the add-in.



To deploy the Splashback Add-in to either specific users in an organization or to everyone, follow the instructions provided for the Microsoft 365 admin center.